I'm Gena and I'm here to support you, encourage you and remind you that your body is beautifully designed to thrive.


You are meant to feel great, to be comfortable in your skin, to feel strong, healthy and energized and together we will take on the challenges that keep you stuck.  


I will provide the tools and we will create a positive thought process and diminish habits that keep you from progressing.

No more wishing and procrastinating.   You don't need to start over every Monday. There's no wagon to fall off of.   With my support system to a healthy lifestyle you'll be empowered to live at your best. - Gena 


After spending several years in the corporate world, I decided it was time to leave it behind and do what I am most passionate about - help others change their lives through health and fitness. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, International Women's Physique Athlete, six time marathoner and mother.

A decided mind is an empowered mind and through exercise and nutrition I became my healthiest and strongest – inside and out. I've been a health professional for over a decade and having witnessed all the various trends, phases and stages of the health industry I know how to keep it simple and get results. The magic pill is you.

It's never too late to set new goals and reach new heights in your life.  I was over 40 when I took my love of fitness one step further and began competing as a Women's Physique athlete. I've competed in a dozen competitions and most recently representing Team Canada at the first IFBB World Juniors and Masters Championships in Central America.

Decide to take control of your wellness, imagine yourself at your best and with my guidance we will make it a reality. 



"I've really been enjoying the workouts and already feel a lot stronger than I was before starting the training. Your nutrition information is really helpful in planning my meals, I have a better understanding of what and how much to eat.  I feel so much better about myself going into University and I'm motivated to keep going. Thank you for everything, I can't wait for our next session"  


"Completed the full body work out! Love love love it!! Love these workouts! Can't wait for next weeks!"  

"Thank you for week 2 workouts!! I now purchased 10 lbs weights, up from 5 lbs,  kettlebell 15 lbs increased from 10 lbs and a new ball :)"

"Week six and I'm down 13 pounds!"

Olympia P.

“I hadn't lost weight with effort in over 15 yrs. I had been a relay competitor in the past, but years had passed and I definitely needed expert advice since nothing I did worked anymore. I lost hope. I just wanted to lose 5-10 lbs in 2 months before my trip and then continue after...Gena customized an easy meal plan and an experimental workout routine based on my likes, abilities and access to equipment. She consistently tweaked the exercises and meals according to my feedback. I had always been relatively good with food, but now I was supposed to eat 3 meals and snacks. It felt indulgent and I could not believe all this food was allowed! I never felt hungry, in fact, I sometimes didn't eat enough. As for the workout, I could feel tightening, toning. I couldn't believe my eyes. In the third week I had lost 5 lbs and I reported to Gena, saying "I don't think I know how to read the scale." I had not lost weight in about 15 years, so this was a huge shock. I stuck with it and enjoyed my trip immensely. Sitting on the beach freely in a bikini felt like a celebration. Like icing on a cake - but it was better than icing! It lasted longer and was an amazing feeling. Thank you, Gena!"

Ieln N.

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