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If you're not feeling how you want to feel in your energy level, strength, ease of movement and your mindset, I will help you embrace a lifestyle that work for you.  Let's talk about your goals, address any obstacles and look at the best solutions for YOUR life.  How you want to feel is a powerful catalyst for deliberate action. Book your complimentary consultation  or email me here to learn more. I look forward to meeting you.

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Hi I'm Gena, I'm 50, and it is my mission to help women thrive and embrace an ageless mindset.  How you feel impacts all areas of life and as a personal health coach, I design results based solutions that take you from where you are to where you want to be. In a sustainable manner,  you can reclaim your inner power and health to live your life to the fullest.  You will be equipped to meet your goals and empowered to surpass perceived limitations - one step at a time. It's never too late to begin!  Restore the foundations of well being and embrace every day with vitality, calmness and confidence.



Several years ago, faced with the decision to return to work after the birth of my second child, I instead took a leap. In the pursuit of what I knew was vital to my purpose I bridged my core desire to help others with my love and passion for fitness and health.

Over the past 15 years, as a Personal Trainer and Exercise Coach, I've helped to improve the lives of others while continuing to transform my own.

After an injury that pulled me out of my 7th marathon I went back to strength training with greater purpose. At the age of 43 I entered my first Figure competition. I moved up to Women's Physique and for the next four years I was dedicated to the art of bodybuilding. I participated in a dozen competitions and at almost 46 I had the honour of representing Team Canada at the first IFBB World Juniors and Masters Championships in Central America.

It was also around that time I began to practice yoga. After almost a year of my independent practice, I was excited to begin yoga teacher training and to be able to share another training modality that offers many benefits.

My transition to each new chapter was intuitively led. Although running differs from weightlifting and time in the gym was different than time on my mat, they each possessed a form of meditation through movement and synchronized breath. They each possessed heart and something that cannot be defined in the parameters of logic. Spirit does not survive there. And more than anything my varied and evolved movement practices carried me through all of life's challenges.

I continue to follow a lifestyle and mindset that helps me to live on a more conscious level. In learning to take better care of myself and direct my own healing process I completed my Reiki training and Thai Yoga Stretch Therapy.  Having experienced the many benefits and expansive nature of this body work, I strive to faciliate healing in a safe, supportive and compassionate manner.  And as a health coach I abide by the same priciples.

I hope my journey, so far, displays possibility and potential.  I hope it offers some inspiration and encouragement to take a leap.  Honour how you want to feel, how you want to move, breathe and live.  When you take action for wellness you are coming into something greater and anything becomes possible.



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