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Thai Massage Stretch Therapy
Reiki Treatment

This facilitated stretching approach helps with:

Increased mobility

Injury prevention 

Recovery & rehabilitation

Improved physical performance .


The many factors linked to each of these impacts the release of physical, mental and emotional tension in our everyday life.

Beyond muscles, bones and tissues though, one of the principles of this practice, that I value deeply, is the act of cultivating compassion in human connection and approaching treatments with loving kindness.


A simple and quick answer would be to say that it is a safe and gentle touch therapy that helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which calms the body down. This is the opposite of our fight or flight response. 

Reiki treatments can reduce stress, boost relaxation in the body and mind, enhance mood, promote a sense of calm and wellness, and more.

Reiki is now used in some hospitals, rehabilitation centres and palliative care and reports support that it helps in alleviating anxiety and stress, the perception of pain, and to promote a feeling of psychospiritual well-being.


As a practitioner it is as good to provide a treatment as it is to receive. 

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