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Your Birth Chart is a snapshot of the sky the minute you were born. Through the analysis of your chart I will help you understand:

  • Your innate and intricate inner workings, areas of support, tension and opportunity.

  • Areas of life such as career, money, your public world, relationships, personal values etc. 

  • The lens in which you approach the world, your purpose, how you strive for significance and what is most influential in how you direct your action.

  • What you need to feel safe and happy, the lens of your emotional impulse and your necessary daily habits.

  • The histroy of your evolution based on specific cycles and the direction of your evolution and path.

  • Where you are now and how to work with current & potential energies for your desired state, goal or direction. 

  • Life lessons, upcoming significant transits and potential shifts.​




A Solar Return Chart is used alongside your birth chart and displays insight and themes that are specific to your year ahead.  It is best done around your birthday, when the sun returns to the same degree as the moment of your first breath. 

*An accurate birthtime is essential. This is very important. 

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