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Three Ways to Meet Your Fat Loss Goals

May 18, 2017

To meet your fat loss goals you need to be aware of your lifestyle habits -  what and how much you're eating, expending and also resting. Looking deeper into these factors can work in your favour.


How much are you really eating?

Despite what you might think, it is difficult to objectively know what and how much you are eating without a system in place. Start off by keeping a food journal or using an App and record what you eat, especially when on the go.  What gets measured gets changed. Tracking your food is not something you want or should do long term but doing this for a few days, including the weekend, will give you a clearer idea of what you might need to alter.  It is not just about eating too much but also about eating enough of the right foods for your body and your goals. 


Get Uncomfortable

How hard are you working in the gym?  Naturally you want to stay comfortable but increasing your exercise intensity through High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will burn more fat more efficiently. Anything from short, fast bursts of running to jumping lunges to high knees will get your heart rate up quickly.  HIIT can be done almost anywhere, with or without equipment.  In less time you increase your metabolism, burn fat and spare any loss of muscle.  I like to keep my HIIT to 2-3 sessions per week, anywhere from 15-30 minutes.  HIIT is something you want to build up to in order to avoid injury. You can do this by adding a few bursts of intensity to your regular cardio training. Do 2-3 rounds of 30 second bursts followed by a recovery time of up to 60 seconds. Eventually you want to match your intensity time to your recovery time.  The point is to work hard enough so that you feel you need time to recover.   



There are important reasons for adequate sleep when it comes to fat loss.  A lack of sleep is one form of stress and high stress levels have shown to increase abdominal fat. Have you ever noticed what you crave when you haven't slept?  When were sleep deprived our hunger hormones signal our brain to eat more and as our appetites increase we tend to reach for sugary snacks and comfort foods. I know when I haven't had enough sleep I'm reaching for junk food in large quantities.  Proper sleep also aids in the growth and repair of our muscles and in the maintenance of a healthy metabolism, which is vital for fat loss. 


Take care of yourself through good nutrition, purposeful exercise and good rest.  It all adds up to a healthy lifestyle. 


Enjoy yourself in good health and fitness, Gena.


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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